Modernize your culinary operations by establishing a direct link to the point of sale,kiosk, or online ordering system. Obtain invaluable insights into preparation times, cancellations, wastage, and more, through real-time analytics. Utilize data-driven intelligence to boost the efficiency and profitability of your kitchen operations.



Prep Station

Kitchen Heat

Seamless Connectivity

Save on Printing

Kitchen Grade Hardware

Engineered and rigorously evaluated on specially designed equipment tailored to meet the demands of steamy and oily cooking environments, our heat-grade hardware ensures optimal performance for your kitchen operations

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Connect to the eatOS food service ecosystem, encompassing the Point of Sale, Self-service Kiosk, Mobile App, Online Ordering, Delivery Apps, and more. Crafted to operate offline, so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen won’t be disrupted by internet connection issues

Multi-lingual support

Our platform enables employees to access and comprehend data in their preferred language, ensuring an optimized user experience through the power of multilingualism.

Multi-lingual KDS

Save on Printing

Say goodbye to paper clutter and waste, and say hello to budget-friendly savings. Select the perfect equipment for your restaurant and begin reaping the rewards of digital transformation almost immediately. Streamline your kitchen display system (KDS) with your printer(s) for maximum efficiency

Prep Station Routing

Eliminate inefficiency and enjoy maximum accuracy with our ticket management system. Connect multiple kitchen displays with one synchronized network to receive real-time updates across all stations—streamlining operations for optimal performance.

Analytics & Reporting

Harness the power of cloud-based analytics to make well-informed decisions that optimize kitchen operations and profitability. View sales figures, refunds, voids, food costs and more in real time and take full control over your culinary operations

Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish.