Embrace the future of dining with our revolutionary solution that requires no additional application downloads. Generate customized QR codes that can be effortlessly linked to a single table or an entire establishment. Enable your guests to seamlessly place orders, divide bills, and make payments directly from their smartphones. Experience the ease and efficiency of our tableside order and pay solution, an innovative step towards modernizing the dining landscape.



Dynamic Payment Options

Merchant Ordering Platform


Real Menu,
NO Ugly PDF’s

Realtime Menusync

Real-Time MenuSync™

Introducing MenuSync™, the ultimate platform for seamless menu integration. It ensures that all customer-facing menus are always up-to-date and tailored to your exact specifications. Achieve a unified experience across all touchpoints, from point of sale to ordering app, website, and beyond.

Customizable Features

Customizable Features

Guests can select from two options: checkout as a guest or create an account. Signing up for an account grants them access to their preferences, order details, food sensitivities, payment information, and favorite orders.

Merchant Platform

Table-side and online ordering allow guests to make orders effortlessly with direct transmission to the point of sale or a dedicated tablet. By leveraging real-time order status visibility, clients receive immediate notifications for any exceptions and delivery progress updates.


Real Menu, No Ugly PDF's

With our streamlined system, guests can use their smartphones to effortlessly add items to their order and send them directly to the server. Our solution not only facilitates faster table turns, but also enhances tip generation and increases profits.

Dynamic Payment Options

Omni grants seamless access to payment methods such as ApplePay®, GooglePay®, credit cards, business accounts and cash, granting you the freedom to choose the optimal solution for your payment needs.

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