Experience the potency of real-time, cloud-based analytics. Gain instantaneous insights into sales data, refunds, voids, labor costs, and more, accessible through mobile and web devices. Stay informed with prompt alerts via email, text, or third-party integration, all available at your convenience, regardless of location.


Real-Time Data

Cloud Reporting

Multi-Device Support

Practical Insights

Multi-Location Reporting

Self-Service BI Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Unearth actionable intelligence with our sophisticated analytics engine. Construct finely-tuned reports with data points tailored to your exact requirements, then streamline the delivering of these insights with API links, emails, SMS messages and in-app notifications.

Cloud Reports

Gain unparalleled access to realtime POS, dashboard and analytics data, from any device. Streamline processes for optimal efficiency and profitability, freeing up valuable hours for management

Practical Insights

Glean insights in real time with evidence-based data that reveal cost-saving opportunities, optimize operational efficiency, and advance business outcomes and consumer satisfaction.

Multi-Location Reporting

Obtain a detailed analysis of every location, or gain insight into multiple sites at once. Utilize the extensive filters to tailor the data, granting only authorized personnel access to sensitive information.

Real-Time Data

Accomplish your objectives expediently by harnessing real-time insights and making informed decisions based on data that is ripe for action.

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